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The Anthony Iannarino Show

May 6, 2021

Are you ready to put the “relationship” back into customer relationship management systems? My guest on this episode of the Anthony Iannarino show will talk to us about doing just that. Her name is Alex Fisher — and she’s the Co-Founder and President of Sherpa CRM. It’s a CRM like you’ve never seen before. This won’t be a technical discussion about CRM systems, but more of a conversation about some of the ideas and concepts behind her CRM software that will be helpful for you to understand. I’m excited to share this conversation with you because Alex is very passionate about genuine human connection and she deeply understands what it takes to have prospect-focused sales. Listen to this episode to learn what it means to put the “relationship” back into customer relationship management systems!


You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • What the nature and meaning behind the name of Sherpa CRM is [1:48]
  • The path that brought Alex to the point of doing what she does now [5:24]
  • How Alex enables salespeople to help their prospective clients make tough decisions [10:58]
  • The mistakes that lead salespeople to be wrestlers instead of dancers [22:11]
  • Gaining consensus when salespeople are walking several people through an emotional decision-making process [29:27]
  • What a trust breakthrough is [39:00]
  • Where to find more information about Sherpa CRM [40:10]


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